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EBHS Technical Support Help Center

  • KHSD Tech Support: Students, parents, and staff who are in need of technical support can call (1-833-827-2855) weekdays between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm or email ([email protected]) the KHSD Informational Technology Department for help with: passwords, Synergy, ParentVue, StudentVue, or other technical issues.
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EBHS Woodburn+
  • The high school years are some of the most memorable, and most important, years of a student’s life.
  • High school students today are dealing with a lot – a greater emphasis on academics, college/career planning, extracurricular activities, and of course, the social scene.
  • Woodburn+ provides solutions that help students succeed academically, plan for their future, and get the most out of their high school experience. It provides parents with valuable information and numerous helpful tips.
  • Woodburn+ provides Parent, Students and Educators solutions to a vast number of high school related issues all in one place.
  • Click on the Woodburn+ logo below to access our digital resource library.
  • Woodburn+ User Name: EBHSParent
  • Woodburn+ Password: Blades
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