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East Welcomes New Dean

I recently had the privilege of interviewing our new dean, Mrs. Bennett, and I found that she has nothing but care for East High students! When asked what made her want to apply for the position of dean, she explained that she loves being around students and missed that at her old school. Her goal is to connect with students, not just discipline them. When asked how her first few weeks went, she said they have been awesome and she has gotten to know a lot of kids. When asked what her method is for dealing with a difficult student, she responded, “I try to not make judgement right away and listen to all sides.” In other words she is not quick to judge any given situation and instead considers both sides of the story. In addition, something  Mrs. Bennett wants to highlight are the many resources available through the Dean’s Office, services like counseling and intervention. She wants to dispel the misconception that the dean is the meanest staff member on campus. That is not the case with Mrs. Bennett; her goal is to get to know and work with even the most difficult students.
Finally, something interesting I learned about Mrs. Bennett is that she's an amateur ghost hunter and can’t wait to investigate East High! But that’s a whole other interview and article. Stay tuned!

Christian Flores
DATA Academy