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Blade Family est. 1938

Here at East Bakersfield High School, we believe that everyone who is a part of our past
and present defines our future as the
To that end, being a part of the Blade FAMILY means that students and staff choose to take responsibility for their actions and commit to making our family the best it can be.
Students, staff, and our community can and should be exemplars of the Blade FAMILY in everything we do!

By being a part of the Blade FAMILY, we are committing to 

Develop and maintain positive relationships

Define and teach our Blade FAMILY expectations

Celebrate when our expectations are met or exceeded

Blade Family word cloud
How The Blade Family has improved
Student Success


EB began the journey of PBIS in the 2015-2016 school year, but the importance of our student success has always been at the forefront of how we do business. Many years prior to 2015-2016, EB incorporated a Coordination of Services Team (COST), which placed all counselors, special education support providers, teachers, outside support providers, and administrators around the table to discuss students who were struggling with academics or social/emotional concerns. While COST is still an active part of EB’s campus, it has been met with many additional supports in the form of community counselors, a parent center liaison, a full-time social worker, a full-time interventionist, and an On-Campus Intervention program to name just a few.


This year, we have an active Blade FAMILY Culture Club whose purpose is to re-examine our Tier 1 supports (academic and behavior supports for ALL students); our Tier II and III team is working to formalize our Tier II strategies (academic and behavioral supports for students who need additional assistance beyond Tier I structures). On the most recent Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI), or the standardized guideline of how a school can improve their Tier I-III supports, we have seen growth or maintenance in some areas. We continue to use these scores to help us determine what areas we can improve, and this guides our work throughout the year.


East Bakersfield High School Tiered Fidelity Inventory Scores








Tier I





Not Scored

Tier II

Not Scored





Tier III

Not Scored

Not Scored




*School closed due to COVID-19 prior to the full completion of our TFI scoring.

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What Does it Mean to be a Blade?

Blade Family Expectations Chart

Distance Learning Matrix


A fundamental part of the Blade FAMILY is recognizing students and staff who embody our six characteristics. This recognition can be as simple as telling a person “Good job!” or “Thanks for what you do!” However, we do have more formal methods of recognizing our staff and students:


Blade Bracelets



  • “Caught Doing Great!” tickets--any staff member can give this to a student who is caught doing something great that aligns to the Blade FAMILY values. Once the staff member completes the ticket, he or she will give the top copy to the student to keep, and the bottom copy will go in a Blade FAMILY drawing that happens once a week.
  • Blade FAMILY Wristbands--specific to the FAMILY acronym and given when students exemplify Blade FAMILY
  • Holland’s Golden Tickets--tickets handed out throughout the year to students who show success in a variety of areas like SBAC growth, STAR Renaissance growth, and A-G completion. Students are invited to a special reception during the day where they are celebrated for their accomplishments.
  • Principal’s Honor Reception--a yearly reception held in fall honoring all current 10th-12th graders who earned a 3.75 GPA or higher both semesters of the previous school year
  • Appreciation Notecards for Staff--Small postcards staff members can fill out for other staff members that are displayed 
  • Staff Celebration Days and Weeks--recognition of our staff during scheduled days or weeks

(We are currently working to adapt our traditional recognition methods to meet the needs of distance learning)

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