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Bonding and Celebration: Senior Sunrise kicks off the year!

Senior Sunrise kicked off on a beautiful morning this year as students flowed in smiling and laughing.  Despite the early morning, the event was well attended with students everywhere playing games, eating, and just hanging out with their friends. Senior Andres Esparza explained why he was willing to get up so early, “Had nothing to do this morning so might as well have some fun with my friends here at Senior Sunrise.” It's times like this where we look back on the past 3 years and how much we've grown since our first day of high school. Sure there have been ups and downs through all these years but we pushed through all this and that’s why we’re still here! We asked Ms. Flores the organizer, about the planning and purpose of Senior Sunrise, “We have been planning this event since the beginning of August. It’s about the beginning of a new year and hoping for a bright future.” 

As the morning went on students were making memories taking pictures with all their friends. Students really seemed to enjoy the laid back atmosphere, laughing, sitting on the bleachers, and just hanging out with friends talking. It’s neat to see people that you have been going to school with since freshman year, often longer, all in one place. Senior Nathen Solano weighed in on the event, “ I enjoyed waking up this morning and just watching the sunrise  with my friends, just eating and playing games.” This is our senior year, we should enjoy ourselves, and stay involved. It's our time to rise up and finish this last year off strong. Let’s do this class of 2020!  See you at the next senior event!

Richard Jimenez
DATA Academy