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Q & A with Ms. Alvarez, Activities Director


East High’s future is looking bright with Ms. Alvarez, our new Activities Director! She has many things planned for this year and wants East to be a fun school for every student here. Ms. Alvarez is full of spirit and is ready to pass on her enthusiasm to everyone on campus. 

Q: How are you liking the Activities Director position so far?

A: I Love East High. It reminds me of the high school I went to, I grew up on the E-side. I went to Foothill High School and it’s a lot of the same culture and demographics. It’s very familiar to me, it feels like home. Ms. Alvarez seems to keep herself busy all the time.

That’s awesome. What are some exciting events you have planned for ASB and Leadership?

A: Well, right now we have homecoming coming up. During Football Season, we will be having our Pink Out Game, Senior Night, and I also know our Sophomores are planning the Sadies Hawkins Dance. So those are some things to look forward to before 2019 ends.

How will you bring more spirit into East High?

A: I plan to incorporate more spirit with the Staff. I want the Staff to definitely be more involved with dress up days, rallies, stuff like that. Once students see that Staff is involved, they want to be involved. Staff participation is the number one thing.

That sounds like a great plan. What were you involved in when you were in high school?

A: Everything. My senior year, I was ASB President, Homecoming Queen, played four years varsity softball and soccer, and I was also a cheerleader for two years. I was extremely involved. I never wanted to go home, I was always on campus doing something that had to do with school. I very much loved my high school experience.

Wow, you were super involved! Do you have any long term goals planned as Activities Director?

A: Long term goals I haven’t really thought of right now. Besides getting the community more involved. Whether or not you went to East High, the east side should all come together and all be involved in some way or another. Also, getting my ASB kids out there in the community. A lot of the time they see other schools at different events. You know, whether is a 5k run, or a community service deal that's going on. It’s always schools on the other side of town that are involved and I want East High to be known in the community for the good things we do.

What are you most passionate about?

A: Good question. I think for me personally, what I’m most passionate about is my health. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a few years ago and it changed the way I live, the way I eat, the way I workout. Just a lot of people who have multiple sclerosis end up deteriorating and their bodies shut down and I’ve made sure I am on top of my game when it comes to my health. I don’t take any medication for it, I just eat better, and work out a lot. I just watch when my body is telling me to rest, and I know I need to rest. I’m coming up on one of those rest days right!

That’s good. So, what are some hobbies you have?

A: Some hobbies I have, so outside of teaching, I am a marathon runner. I run marathons 26.2 miles. Usually about 4:30 in the morning you can find me running on the streets. Weekends I run for my long distance runs. I am also a Zumba Instructor at 24 Hour Fitness, In-Shape, and at East on Wednesdays. So, running and zumba are my two biggest hobbies.

What advice do you have for students who want to enjoy their high school years?

A: Of course! Get involved! Whether it’s a club, sports--.you can even  start your own club. I had 4 different people here wanting to start their own club and we have a ton of clubs on campus that people can join. So get involved no matter what it is. I always tell kids, when you get home you’re going to have to babysit, clean, or do this or that. Take advantage of the opportunities that we have here on campus and don’t go home early. Try to stay here as long as you can stay here late. We have snack, dinner, different things that are provided to you that you might not get at home. So take advantage, stay on campus, and bring more spirit to East High.

What will you do if you can’t achieve all these goals? 

A: If I can’t achieve them, just keep trying.There’s always next year. Just keep trying harder and just make ourselves present. Just keep going and never give up. We have kids that want to be leaders, so we must keep pushing them to grow. We can all grow as a family.


Wow, spirit...growth...family, I'm pretty sure she's going to meet these goals. Welcome Ms. Alvarez! Go Blades!

by Ariel Rosa
English 12 ERWC