East Bakersfield High School

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Ghost Hunting with the Dean!

Did you know our very own Mrs. Bennett, Dean of Students, is an amateur Ghost Hunter?! Mrs. Bennett has been interested in ghosts since she was young, “When I was a little girl I had an experience that I felt was paranormal and it’s just always stuck with me. When I woke up in the middle of the night and I looked at the foot of my bed, there was a white silhouette of a little boy standing there at the foot of my bed and I think I might have been 8 years old...and I was terrified.”

Spooky East High hallway
This harrowing experience changed Mrs.Bennett forever, and she has been into ghost hunting and ghost stories ever since. She has even led a ghost hunting club on a high school campus for students. These days it’s mostly just a hobby for she and her husband, but the word is out among friends and family, that she is an experienced ghost investigator. Mrs. Bennett is often requested to help someone investigate a possible paranormal event. She first tries to disprove the presence of a ghost, but occasionally this isn’t possible! She also likes to explore abandoned buildings and houses for ghosts, she notes that she always gets permission so that’s she’s not trespassing.

Scary doll from East High basement

Mrs. Bennett’s next goal is to prove or disprove the longstanding rumors about
East High’s ghosts. It’s no mystery there have been multiple reports of ghosts in East High’s
basements, the 200-wing, and the infamous
tunnels. Stay tuned for a possible ghost