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EBHS School Vision

East Bakersfield High School Vision

Statistics show that 1.2 million kids drop out every year. Research shows that the only useful factor in predicting success in after school life was achievement in extracurricular activities. Further research indicates that extracurricular activities connect students to their schools allowing them to do well in their academic classwork. In school, in class, on time, on task. While I do not expect our student leaders to change the world, I expect them to believe they can be a part of solution by with the sheer jester of encouraging, motivating and welcoming their peers back to school.

While some people may see activities as fun, frivolous and waste of educational time and money, I beg to differ. I have been on the other side for two years and I assure you it is anything but frivolous, and a waste of educational time and money. Yes it is fun, but what better way to teach to students to enjoy the work they do? While it may look frivolous on the surface what people forget to realize is the foundational roots that are being built, time, commitment, follow through, networking, letter writing to businesses, public speaking skills( which I could have used when I was their age) communication, collaboration, effort, perspiration, humility, composure, honesty, integrity, patience, forgiveness, the list goes on. Again, what better way to educate kids real life application of what they will see when they are our age in the workplace.

While English, science, math and engineering are important to sustain our way of life and advancement in our world, it is through our connections with each other – intellectual, physical, mental emotional – through similar likes and dislikes – and through our relationships with each other that we motivate, explore, learn, and create. Connections and relationships allow us to live, and not just exist. Technology today has us connected every second of our lives, and while that can be overused and abused, I believe that through strong foundational relationships developed with character and leadership, our young people can and will make this a better world for themselves and for our society.

It is not our goal to change the world, let alone wipe out the dropout rate, although that would be nice. It is our goal, however to make a connection to the student who may not have the mom or dad at home, the student who may not fit in with the “in crowd”, the student who may not have the confidence to just try new things and might never find out what she may really be good at, or the student who just has a feeling that the time of youth is only once and it should be lived to its max with proper guidance and goals. It is our mission to sow a seed of making a positive difference, one student at a time.

We all know school is good thing. There has not been one student that I have encountered in the past 12 years of my career that has told me no they did not want to graduate or did not want the good things that life has to offer. Of course, academics is the goal of our educational system, but through student activities, relationships flourish, school becomes relevant and excellence and rigor becomes the norm. That is our hope. That is our mission.